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An action staged at Extrapol in Nijmegen which ran over the course of two days, within two twelve hour sessions.

Day 1
Participants entered a preinstalled brain space where they had to create an alternative identity for the event, before entering the main workshop area through the pupil of a giant eye. The main area was lit with a number of theatre lights and filled by sound from members of Extrapol. The initial phase of Enter-The-Diarama was a giant scale working of the surrealist ‘Exquiste Corpse’ game, with participants drawing in small groups. Having located these, the space was then built up around them. Participants continued to construct the space throughout the evening whilst developing collaborative projects in smaller groups. Later participants staged performance work within the space which had been developed within the session.

Day 2
The initial action of the second day was a two way draw off using two Over Head Projectors. Projected over the same spot onto one large piece of paper a large number of participants worked collectively, drawing on the projectors themselves, drawing with shadows and on the paper. A series of works were developed this way and then set within the installation space. Small scale collaborations and performances continued throughout the day. Towards the end of the session the collective deconstruction of the space took place. The materials used within the installation work were gathered and used for a giant, one off publication or perhaps document of the event..